Jeremy Keith

Jeremy Keith

An Irish web developer, author, and speaker working with the design transformation consultancy Clearleft in Brighton, England.

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The State Of The Web An Event Apart Spring Summit April 2021
Design Principles For The Web An Event Apart: Front-End Focus August 2020
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Evaluating Technology Smashing Conference Barcelona October 2017
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Evaluating Technology Beyond Tellerrand May 2017
Resilience An Event Apart Orlando: Special Edition 2016 October 2016
A CSS Day 2016 + HTML Special June 2016
Resilience beyond tellerrand // DÜSSELDORF 2016 May 2016
Resilience Render 2016 April 2016
Time Full Frontal 2013 November 2013
Of Time And The Network Webstock 2012 February 2012
All Our Yesterdays Build 2011 November 2011

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